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I'll never let you see the way my broken heart is hurting me ☂

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My Heaven
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a graphic community where u can find icons,banners,layouts | mostly of JROCK , anime, video games.

welcome to hikkie*heaven it myhikaru sama Graphic journal here I well be posting my icons banners, and other kinds of graphic stuff..Hope u like it >_<.mainly I design J-rock stuff....
 for grimm jow's sake read the rules ♥

1.Comment 'cause I get happy when I get comments
2.Always credit to (hikkie_heaven) or (hikaru__sama)
3.textless icons are not bases /do not EDIT
4.do not hotlink /upload at any other free hosting sites.
commenting for questions about the layout read the instructions and try your self .. most people will comment back and say ( oh I knew how to do it sorry for asking)
6.do not request stuff randomly ..

do not bitch about what I post here .. if u don't like it the why come here first place ?? ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏
8.u are free to change layouts headers u don't have to use  what I make
(`ヘ´)9.do not ask for original scans if u want them ask for it here 
10. ENJOY PLEASE (o`з´o)

hikaru--sama  gintama graphics  Dogs icons  affiliatesresources

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