September 15th, 2007

Gurren lagan for the first time :D ~~ +others

Hello every one.
Sorry for not updating in long while and sorry for not completing all the requests yet. I wanted to take a break because it's pretty much 8D;
I was thinking of a coloring manga pages request next. It will be very much limited. I want to improve <33

Lots of stuff this time. Sorry of it loads slowly ♥♥


[16] x Bakumatsu
[45] x Gurren Lagann
[07] x Gurren Lagann text icons
[04] x Gintama *animated
[27] x Bleach
[04] x lovely complex
[05] x Misc. anime
[07] x DGM
[04] x Blood+ [haji]
[05] x FFAC
[08] x Gazette
[28] x Alice9
[04] x Miyavi
[07] x Gackt


[01] x Gazette
[01] x Bleach
[06] x Alice 9
[03] x others

& 5 wallpapers


Collapse )


finally i changed my layout into something more pro 8D; all thanks to lillym0n she makes pretty pretty layouts <33 .. and this one is made specially for me only ♥ ♥

im very very sorry about the last 3 request users .
so what you guys think *w* ~~ ♥ ♥

ohh and thanks all who watched this